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Animais brabos


Rodolfo is a beloved boxer who started to lose weight. Lose a lot of weight. His appetite was languishing every day. The human responsible for his care tried to feed him several times with various kinds of food. When she could get him to swallow, the vomit came, putting everything out.
Contradictorily, Rodolfo's belly began to grow large and flaccid.
It was time to have an ultrasound. On July 5 we did the first exam. The belly had an enormous amount of free abdominal fluid that was accompanied by intense peritonitis. His liver was apparently intact, and the fluid collected via centesis came up clear, transparent, odorless and colorless.
All suggested that he may be a cardiopath, so he was sent to do echocardiography exactly ten days after the first examination. Along with a minor change in the heart right's valve, the clinician noticed that something was strange in the liver and we returned, twelve days after the fifth of July, for a second evaluation.
Rodolfo was even th…