segunda-feira, 12 de junho de 2017


Have you ever felt like you needed help with a clinical case? 

Most of the colleagues I know work by themselfes; sometimes completely isolated in small towns or suburbian neighborhoods. Weird and difficult clinical cases seem like a mystery impossible to solve. 

Working as a mobile professional, I do get the chance to exchange ideas, thoughts, impressions and experience with loads of veterinarians. This adds up not to only to my own ultrasound exams but also to my veterinarian fellows, that get a chance to discuss a clinical case with someone neutral that is willing to aid him and the patient. 

If you are stuck with a case and need a help researching for treatment and solution,
contact me. 

Not only will I help you solving the case, but I will also give you referral material for additional reading and updated medications posology. Everything from a far away and neutral point of view. 

If you need orientation on your veterinarian career, ultrasound and x-ray devices to purchase, adjustments on your additional exam, x-ray interpretation, clinical research, translation, on how to promote yourself on social media or even for sketching an anatomical model, please contact me.


This help will be charged as a clinical consultant. 

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